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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brawn dismisses Schumacher speculation

Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn has speculation that Michael Schumacher was able to drive for the team on his existing contract dismissed.

Schumacher's deal expires at the end of 2012, at which point he said he would become an ambassador for Mercedes. Comments made ​​in Canada but have rumors that the seven-time world champion to continue looking at his career fueled. In downplaying Mercedes odds races this year, Schumacher said the process was long: "It takes time, Red Bull takes four or five years at Ferrari, the deadline for the five years we took can not play with and do some magic ... it in half a year. "

That was a statement that Schumacher will put the team on its three-year contract stay, but Brawn told RTL that the quotes were blown out of proportion.

"There was absolutely no reason to go to the speculation. The situation has not changed."

Brawn also said German Sky TV that was possible contract extension "was not discussed"but does not rule out future negotiations.

"I am very happy with our two drivers - they are not the reason why we do not win, are our two race drivers have contracts right now and our priority is to make the car better, we definitely have another year with Michael and if With Next .. this year's car we can, the results we want, then I have no reason why we should not go to see. But at the moment there are no discussions. "

I hope Schumi will stay beyond 2012, at least 2013 to 2015. I'm sure Schumi can be world champion at Mercedes. Just give him the winning car.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cabbie to sell famous 'Schumi taxi' - “I need the money - I could be in big trouble with the police”

The cabbie made famous for relinquishing the drivers' seat of his taxi to Michael Schumacher is now considering offers to sell the Opel mini-van.

Since the nine-seater made international headlines for getting a seven time world champion and his family to a German airport on time, it has doubled in value, the newspaper Bild am Sonntag claims.

"More than ten people are interested in buying it," the taxi driver, Tuncer Yilmaz, confirmed.

"One has offered 63,000 euros, and I need the money - because of the Schumi-Ride I could be in big trouble with the police," he confirmed.

Coburg traffic authority chief Kai Holland confirmed to Bild newspaper that he will meet with Yilmaz, because the story appears to be ‘an offence against the Personnel Transport Act.’

Schumacher, meanwhile, faces the prospect of a small fine.

"It would be ridiculous to heavily punish the taxi driver after he kindly helped Michael. Wouldn't we all prefer to have helpful taxi drivers?" Schumacher's long-time manager Willi Weber marvelled.

At the Race of Champions event in London at the weekend, Schumacher himself suggested that the tale had been blown out of proportion.

"You just have to laugh about it," he smiled.

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Cabbie Schu in Coburg police probe - Speedy Schumacher's dash for the plane

Michael Schumacher and a newly-famous taxi driver might soon face the consequences of their high speed ride in a nine-seater Opel minivan earlier this week.

Tuncer Yilmaz sparked a frenzy of international headlines when he revealed that Schumacher, the retired seven time world champion, gave him a 100 euro tip after asking to take over the wheel of his taxi in order to get his family to the airport on time.

Yilmaz, originally from Turkey, said the former Ferrari racer drove 'full throttle' around corners while overtaking 'in some unbelievable places' in Coburg, central Germany, as his wife Corinna and two children also sat in the cab.

The Coburg newspaper Neue Presse now reports that both Schumacher and Yilmaz are being investigated by police and state prosecutors.

"We are looking into precisely what happened," spokesman Jurgen Hannecke confirmed.

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