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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cabbie Schu in Coburg police probe - Speedy Schumacher's dash for the plane

Michael Schumacher and a newly-famous taxi driver might soon face the consequences of their high speed ride in a nine-seater Opel minivan earlier this week.

Tuncer Yilmaz sparked a frenzy of international headlines when he revealed that Schumacher, the retired seven time world champion, gave him a 100 euro tip after asking to take over the wheel of his taxi in order to get his family to the airport on time.

Yilmaz, originally from Turkey, said the former Ferrari racer drove 'full throttle' around corners while overtaking 'in some unbelievable places' in Coburg, central Germany, as his wife Corinna and two children also sat in the cab.

The Coburg newspaper Neue Presse now reports that both Schumacher and Yilmaz are being investigated by police and state prosecutors.

"We are looking into precisely what happened," spokesman Jurgen Hannecke confirmed.

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